Phallimeter (Pecker Measure Conversion System)

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Introducing the one and only Phallimeter Pecker Measure Conversion System! This 13 inch x 2 inch aluminum "ruler" has two measuring systems on the front. On the top is "What he says" which has 18 inches in the length of 12 actual inches. The bottom shows "What she thinks" which has only 6 inches spanning the 12 inch length. And on the back is an actual 12 inch ruler split into 2-inch segments demonstrating what she will say based on actual penis size.

0-2 = Where is it?
2-4 = Well, it's kinda cute.
4-6 = Can you work it?
6-8 = C'mere studmuffin!
8-10 = Are you a porn star?
10+ = Oh hell no!!!

This is a great gift for a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday, the Dirty Santa game, or just as a gag gift! You can even personalize it for the person to make sure they know you were thinking of them when you got it!

- Made of aluminum so it will never rust
- High gloss UV-PRO coating resists fading
- Non-embossed
- 100% made in the USA

If personalizing, please include the name you want printed when you checkout.