Custom Billiard Glove

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Create your own custom Triangle Dreamz billiard glove! Made of super stretchy and comfy "Second Skin" material, my billiard gloves are unique in the pool world! They are so thin and lightweight you will forget you have a glove on while shooting. And the vibrant colors and designs are sure to add another wow factor to your game!

* Unique design
* Each glove is crafted individually and will have slight variations
* Soft stretchable Spandex
* One size fits most
* Available in left or right hand orientation (choose the hand you will wear the glove on)

The printing process I use is nontoxic and environmentally friendly. The print actually dyes the fibers of the fabric, leaving a permanent print that will not fade, crack or peel. It is also safe to wash! This is not an iron on transfer and the print has no “hand” or feel to it. Please note that because the glove is white when it is sewn and printed afterward, it will show some white at the seams. There may also be a few small white creases which is normal with the dye sublimation printing process.

Please send me a message prior to ordering your custom glove to be certain I can accommodate your design request. Please include the glove color, any text (name, initials, slogan, title, etc), and any images (photo, artwork, illustration, symbol, logo, etc) that you want on the glove. Designs that include copyrighted items or are too complex will not be done.